Flamin' Hot Rainforests

In 2015, 6.4m acres of Indonesian rainforest were burned down from reckless slash and burning to make space for palm oil crops. These rainforests are the second most biodiverse areas on Earth and the CO2 emissions from the fires are more than the annual emissions from major economies such as the UK and Japan. Source.

To represent such a sublime atrocity is futile, and so I believe the medium should reflect this futility. I was quite inspired by Talwst Santiago’s approach to this problem in his Minimized Histories dioramas, which show tiny caricatures of hate crimes against blacks throughout history. Because most Americans’ experiences of foreign lands, such as Indonesia, and of cataclysms, such as fires, have been filtered through the lenses of tourism and movie VFX, respectively, I decided to use languages to reflect the deficiencies of representing this sublime ecological disaster.